Monday, December 6, 2010


Ok. I am on Twitter. I have been for a while, but I'm just getting use to it. The other day a dear dear friend of mine said something to the fact of... "where is my community?" Well friends, I've found mine. I woke up 2 days ago sick with a fever, head cold, etc. Everything you don't want to have during the biggest week of your job. :) I spent from 3:00pm Saturday till this morning at 9a in bed. There were a few moments where I would get up, walk downstairs and hydrate, but other than that... not much movement. Guess what I would wake too?? Little knocks on the door when one of my house mates would brave the germ infested room that I am in to ask if I was ok, to offer to bring me food (which I wasn't interested in.. ugh) or to come and sit and talk for a few minutes. I didn't realize it then, I'll blame it on the cold medicine, but I love these women. I loved the laughter I heard downstairs while I was watching a movie, I loved the whispers as they would walk by my door, and I loved how Maggie still continues to check if I have a temperature! :) What a community I've fallen into.

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