Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter is here!

Wow. It seems like just last week I was going home for my first Christmas break and it is now my SECOND?? How does time move so quickly? Well. This past week has been one of homework, blankets, snow, hot chocolate, basketball, and bible study. Wow. It seems like a lot, but only a few of them took up time. This week is our last week of class, which is AWESOME!! This also means that exams are around the corner, but also home! :)
Well, up until today there has been quite a bit of study guides, and review for the finals. This isn't that much to worry about because many of the finals are just normal tests. So after finishing the study guides with my hot chocolate and blankets Hannah and I went to the Beaver Basketball game! It was against the rival Defiance. Students showed up in black for a "Black Out". It was awesome!! Unfortunately we lost the game, but the guys worked really hard. Soon after it was time for the annual 11 o'clock hangout. Normally it lasts until 12:30, but last night I didn't get to bed until 2 am! YIKES. I guess I keep saying that you only live once.
I am going to jump mind tracks for a second. Today was Chapel. Tig, the campus pastor, gave the message. As I was sitting there, something came over me in the way of seeing all the good in Bluffton's spiritual existance.
There are so many great opportunities on campus to become spiritually active, but the best way for myself is to find peers with questions and then you can answer them together. I went to bible study this week and looked around to the women in my group and I smiled. These girls are my peers and have the questions that I have as well. This is one of the best ways for spiritual growth.

Ok. Well Stay warm this week. Enjoy the first fallen snow and the winterness of the world outside!


This website is really cool for looking at the different types of snowflakes! :) Enjoy! :)

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