Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the LONGEST week in the history of the world....

well... maybe it's not actually the longest, but it feels like it's the longest. Dear July 18th-22nd, I have really great plans this weekend that I'd like to enjoy sooner than later.

I'm going back to Clyde this weekend. I miss my best friends, nieces, sisters, parents (and adopted parents) so much that this weekend is going to be the best. Girl's nights, wedding talk, hair cuts, wine, tears, laughter... the list goes on and on.

Something that isn't making it any easier... the Pioneer Woman posted today about the Cuppa Cuppa Cake from Steel Magnolias, and Lucy posted about how much she can't wait for this weekend to get here. NOT Cool, world around me. Not Cool. I'm anxiously awaiting Friday morning, anxiously awaiting that initial hug from the people that watched me grow up, anxiously awaiting the ice cream, wine, Mexican food, seeing my sisters, and most of all my mom. I'm anxiously awaiting that moment.

So I'm leaving you with... a clip from the movie that will wrap up our girls night on Saturday night. The movie that my 2 best friends and I have been watching since we were in high school (at least) on VHS. The movie that we quote back and forth to each other when we're sad or lonely. The movie that has us all laughing so hard because we know it backwards and forwards.

Thank you Steel Magnolias for giving me these memories of my best friends, or thank you best friends for giving me Steel Magnolias.

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Anonymous said...

Anna, I've also always wanted to try that recipe from Steel Magnolias and might have to real soon now. My friends from home and I also LOVE that movie. Have fun at home this weekend :)

Maggie :)