Sunday, July 17, 2011

almost there...

I've been struggling lately on deciding what to chat about. Something funny? How freaking hot it is going to get this week? My trip to WVa? the fact that I"m literally 2 weeks from being done with my first year of PULSE. Did you get that.... first year?!?!
So here's the news....

As of August 8th, I will no longer be working in the Union Project office, but I will be moving upstairs to the PULSE office. I am continuing on with this program in Pittsburgh for another year. There will be many new experiences and also a lot of changes. Just to describe a few.... I will no longer be living in the PULSE house with the newbies, but will be sharing a house down the road with some friends. However, I will be getting the same stipend from the PULSE program. Insurance, food money, housing paid for, etc. I will be working with Chris to give him a little more time to focus on the new group, and his role as an ED. It's really great and exciting news because to be honest, I don't think I was done with this program yet. I don't think I could have left this city yet, however now I'm a little nervous that it's stolen my heart and will keep it for a long time.

So here's to exciting news, a new start, and another year in Pittsburgh!


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Erica said...

yay, year two!