Thursday, October 28, 2010

I carry my Heart...

I knew it would happen. October was over before I saw it coming. Things are flying by in the PULSE house. From the chore wheels spinning, the change of temperature, the creamy soups being made for dinner more often-- we can feel the change of winter coming upon us. We have been weatherproofing and gearing up for some chilly months ahead. Seriously-- Beth has been wearing a scarf and hat since September-- I don't know how the girl will survive winter. :)

Life has been going by quickly. So quickly that sometimes I can't catch up. Whether its phone calls with people not in Pittsburgh or paperwork that should have been done yesterday, I can't seem to get my barrings. I was struggling like that for the past 2 weeks, but something and someone reminded me to slow down for a little bit.
On Wednesday morning I walked into the office and was greeted by Carol and Jeffrey. Two of my favorite people. They were chatting about how Jeffrey's wife is exhausted at work and has been for a long time. "She just isn't happy" was his exact quote. He then said, you need to be able to walk into work daily and find a reason to be there. Find a reason why you are excited to go into work, or a reason you are excited to take on a new activity. You don't have to love the job all the time, but you can love the things you are doing.
After that interaction our Seminar for the day was at the Pittsburgh Project. What an incredible place that is. My awesome God is at work in that ministry and in this city. We walked along paths where gangs still meet, but have slowed down. We heard stories from the hurt that has been caused because of violence and drugs, and listened while Mark took us through his stories of students he mentored that were affected. After the stories, we walked up the road to a baseball field that is now fenced in and is a community garden that is flourishing. Through all the frustration, hurt, hatred, a garden is blooming to help this community. To bring people together and to revitalize the North Side.

So-- my hope for this coming week, not to get frustrated with myself and the work around me, not to let things just become another task. Learn to love my community and become a servant leader...


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Mark B said...

You (and your words)make me smile. :)